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A small calf but possibly the most muscled polled heifer we've bred yet she still oozes feminine charm. She is as long as a bus and her top-line is something else. 

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Procters Lilac

Purchased as a weaned calf, Lilac has been a real success, her progeny are keenly sort after as they have her natural shape and fleshiness.

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Jello is a firm favourite, her exceptional temperament and growth rates set her apart. She is also homozygous polled and breeding really well.

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Mable is almost impossible to fault, she is our eldest Sokrates daughter and her first calf is stunning. She milks exceptionally well and is very easy calving.  A polled cow with a lovely gentle nature.

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Nyneve is the daughter of Isolde who was one of most impressive polled cows around.  By Mereside Lorenzo she oozes beefiness and stretch.  Nyneve is a polled heifer with a great future.

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